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  • Ethic DTC - Merrow V3 HIC Fork

    Ethic DTC

    Ethic DTC - Merrow V3 HIC Fork


    9 years after its big sister, the Merrow fork is back in its 3rd evolution.A single goal: to be the most optimized and lightest fork possible. (lightest fork in the world) Machined entirely from the strongest aluminum (7075), its curves and shapes are...

  • Ethic DTC - Heracles "12 STD" HIC Fork

    Ethic DTC

    Ethic DTC - Heracles "12 STD" HIC Fork


    The Heracles fork is designed above all to be tough, and to be the first indestructible fork in the game.Created in 4130cr, it differs from the rest of the forks in the Ethic range thanks to the properties of Chromoly, which give it stable strength over...

  • Aztek - Jack Mount Signature Circa V3 Fork


    Aztek - Jack Mount Signature Circa V3 Fork


    This is the third version of the lightest fork on the market. The Circa fork doesn't follow the stereotypical "lightweight = weak" thought, as it was forged out of 7075 aluminum alloy; this makes it extremely strong for the weight that it is. It doesn't...

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  • Striker Gravis - SCS/HIC Fork


    Striker Gravis - SCS/HIC Fork


    Striker Gravis SCS/HIC Fork Upgrade your scooter to SCS or HIC compression with the super clean Gravis Stunt scooter Fork by Striker Strength and cleanliness are what it's all about with the Gravis stunt scooter fork. With clean looks that match almost...

  • Antics Eclipse - Aluminum Fork


    Antics Eclipse - Aluminum Fork


    Introducing the Antics Eclipse Fork. Made from high quality 6061-T6 aluminum, the Eclipse Fork is the perfect fork for any rider. Compatible with both SCS and HIC, the Eclipse fork is compatible with wheels up to 120mm.  Strong and lightweight, the...

  • Apex - Infinity Fork Standard


    Apex - Infinity Fork Standard


    The infinity fork has been around from the beginning! An OG Apex product to say the least. This unique design gives you durability and originality. Available in a range of anodized colours and finished with the laser etched Apex logos. This fork will...

  • Native Scooters - Flemengo II Fork


    Native Scooters - Flemengo II Fork


    NATIVE Flemongo II Signature Fork Beautiful, Majestic "Flemongo" Graphic Integrated Hex-Lock for 1 tool tightening Forged The Flemongo II is NATIVE Pro Rider Nathan "Flemongo" Fleming's Signature Fork.If you think you've seen this fork before...

  • Native Scooters - Stem Fork


    Native Scooters - Stem Fork


    Tested and approved for the streets The Native Stem Forks are designed for passionate younger riders, who strive to become one of the next generations pro street riders. It has been created with street riding in mind, and tested by the Native pro riders...

  • Triad Conspiracy TUC Fork


    Triad Conspiracy TUC Fork


    The Conspiracy TUC fork is our latest innovation that’s capable of running all 3 of the common compression systems in the one fork. Not only can it run IHC, HIC and SCS compressions by utilising specifically designed shims but it also comes with 4...

  • Ethic DTC Fork Legion "12STD" V2 HIC

    Ethic DTC

    Ethic DTC Fork Legion "12STD" V2 HIC


    Brand new 12 STD fork from Ethic DTC that will replace both the Legion 12 STD and Nemesis forks. Designed to be stronger than the legion on the tube , stronger than the nemesis on the legs, lighter than both of them, and staying cheap as the previous...